The Blending
Debra is a lifetime experiencer of visitations from other life forms. Through hypnotherapy, she was able to overcome thirty years of denial and fear of being a contactee. 

Understanding her newly discovered insights and healings received through extraterrestrial encounters, she now shares her stories to those who have had similar experiences.

 Debra has appeared on WE Channel's 'Alien Abductions True Confession's; spoken at MUFON Orange County; and has written an article for internet UFO Magazine JAR. 

Debra continues to write books on Contactee experiences and our relationships with our Star Families. 

She is empathic and feels the Love that our Star Family has for each of us.
About The Extraterrestrial Side of The Blending
We at The Blending also honor our Star Family Brothers and Sisters. 

As we come together as a group, we show our unity as becoming as one, as our Star Family has already done.

We offer them a safe haven to unite as one with us and our connection to our universal family.

For the Blending offers an astonishing group of dedicated people coming together to help You learn and understand about Your Extraterrestrial Star Families & provides You with the tools for Self Empowerment. 

Piper is a multi- talented individual with Metaphysical abilities and Extraterrestrial connections throughout her life. 

She uses her extraordinary understanding of Metaphysics and Star Family Teachings to Enlighten and Guide others at critical times in people’s lives with her insight and intuitive Spiritual Connection to Source she has helped and guided people to their understanding of why they are here. 

Piper has had early contact and from this has gained her insight of the human connection within all of us. Her dedication to helping others is only outweighed by her desire to teach others about our Star Family and empowering them to be equal to all living entities.

For she has truly learned the meaning of oneness within all living beings. Piper is a true Soul Spiritual Counselor who Works with the Mental, Spiritual and Higher Self to connect and ground others.
She works with different Energy Healing Techniques to help others.

Jerry has been an Et experiencer starting from a young age. He remembers his 1st experience being in Cuba with his father. 

As a teenager he can remember having recollections of encounters with the Greys which helped mentor him, and his understanding of Science, Quantum Particle Physics and Space Travel. 

The Greys introduced Jerry to the Praying Mantis Beings which in turn opened up a new world of self discovery and mastery of knowing one’s inner self. 

From these teachings Jerry has developed a unique concept of connection of one into oneness within each other and through this our connection to the universe.
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